Simplifying grading maple syrup by making all retail varieties Grade A maple syrup

Grade A maple syrup

Grade A maple syrup

If you don’t know how maple syrup is graded, deciphering the letters on bottles can be pretty frustrating. Currently, our country’s grading system, created by the USDA, breaks down maple syrup into two grades: Grade A and Grade B. Grade A syrup is further divided into three sub-grades: Light Amber, Medium Amber, and Dark Amber—and there is just one Grade B variety. Beginning this year, the new, improved and simplified international grading system will start labeling all maple syrup available for retail purchase as Grade A pure maple syrup. Of the four varieties of Grade A syrup, the lightest, and most subtly-flavored will be Grade A Golden (also known as Grade A Light Golden), followed by Grade A Amber, Grade A Dark and Grade A Very Dark.

The process of grading maple syrup is based on the syrup’s color. Maple syrup produced early on in the sugaring season is lighter in color, and the syrup darkens with the progression of the season. In terms of flavor differences, the lighter syrups have a more subtle maple taste and darker syrups have a much more robust taste. The new system will make finding a delicious Grade A real maple syrup easier for consumers.

Maple syrup is easily one of the most versatile ingredients and sweeteners out there, not to mention it is also the best for you! Maple syrup boasts a ton of flavor which is ideal for a wide range of dishes and cuisines. Discover the wonders of this amazing food by adding it to your pantry today!

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