Natural Anti-Oxidants in Pecans

Health professionals say that a person should eat about four to give servings of nuts, legumes or seeds a day. If you want to meet this dietary requirement, then there is nothing better than the pecan. The pecan nut contains more anti-oxidants when compared to any other nut. These anti-oxidants can help protect us from cell damage and can also lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Just by eating a handful of pecans, you can enjoy great many nutrients including potassium, vitamin E, calcium, zinc, fiber, and as we have mentioned, the good anti-oxidants. It is also important to know that pecan are good in healthy fat so feeling full after eating only a handful is quite natural. This makes the pecan nut good for those who want to trim down their waistlines.

Pecan nuts are known to be very versatile and to be very rich-tasting nuts. Just by eating them, you can enjoy a whole package of benefits for your health. Indeed, pecan nut benefits are hard to beat and this can be proven with the data below…

Experts say that eating pecans and other nut types help boost your body’s immune system that is why it is important to include nuts in your daily diet. They are also packed with nutrients without the need to worry about cholesterol. These amazing nuts can even help lower the bad cholesterol levels in the body so they can play a role in the reduction of risks associated with coronary artery disease and heart attacks. If you are a vegetarian then you can also use pecans as a substitute for meat as they contain a lot of the needed protein.

While pecan nuts cannot cure hypertension, they are part of the DASH diet that can help lower blood pressure in the body. By eating pecans, imagine your body being charged with many nutrients while they also help you fight off hypertension problems.

Pecan nuts are also known to contain oleic acids which are the same fatty acids found in olive oil. Studies show that this particular acid can help suppress the gene that can trigger breast cancer. While the discovery is still part of research studies, it won’t harm you to do well for your body by taking in pecans against breast cancer risk.

It would also be wise to eat pecans if you want to take care of your heart or even your entire cardiovascular system. Pecan nuts contain beta-sitosterol, a compound that helps lower the bad cholesterol levels in the body. This same compound also does wonders for prostate health. So eating pecan nuts can help prevent the enlargement of the prostate gland.

Many falsely believe that nuts are fattening but this is proven untrue. In fact, many studies show that pecan nuts help reduce the body’s weight. Another plus to eating pecan nuts is the nut’s high protein content. They are cholesterol free and can easily take the place of meats as a protein source especially if you are a vegetarian or if you want to decrease meat intake.

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